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1. Is Custom Greenery a franchise?

A. No, Custom Greenery is privately owned and operated. We were established in 1977 and are located in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

2. How much is an estimate

A. Our estimates are free. The reason we come out to do an estimate is to measure the size of your lawn or landscape and to look at the condition. The price is determined by the size of the lawn or landscape.

3. Are all your technicians licensed by the State of Michigan?

A. Absolutely, everyone has passed the state test and is certified.

4. How will I know when you have applied a treatment?

A. There will always be a flag at your driveway and the technician will leave the invoice and instructions at your door.

5. Can I mow my lawn the same day as it was treated?

A. Yes, as long as you leave the clippings, as most companies do today. We highly suggest this because it is very beneficial to put the nutrients back into the lawn instead of removing them. Plus, this does not add to the thatch level.

6. Does Custom Greenery mow lawns or trim trees?

A. No, but we will always refer customers to a reputable company who can provide these services.

7. Can you control my weeds without using a chemical?

A. No, there is not an organic herbicide to control weeds. However, by fertilizing your lawn regularly you thicken the lawn and allow it to choke out the weeds. Less weeds, the fewer chemicals will be needed to control them.

8. Can or should I pull my weeds?

A. Absolutely not. There is not a preventative on the market to control weeds. We need the physical plant actively growing to get control. Please contact our office for a free service call within 30 days of your last application.

9. Can you control clumps of wide bladed grasses in my lawn?

A. No, this type of grass is usually quack grass or tall fescue. There is no easy means of eliminating this grass. The only control is to use vegetation killer like round-up. Then reseed or sod the area. However, this product will also kill off your desirable grasses and must be used with great caution. We do not recommend pulling this grass out because you need to kill off the root system.

10. Why can’t I grow grass under my trees?

A. As trees grow, they produce a thick canopy. The thicker the canopy, the less light and less grass. The best solution is to thin out the trees and plant a shade tolerant seed, and to water these areas a little more, as trees soak up a lot of water.

11. Why do I have mushrooms?

A. There are three reasons for having mushrooms. Moisture, shade or decaying wood. Mushrooms are unsightly, but not turf damaging. The easiest and most practical solution is to break up the mushrooms with a rake or lawn mower.

12. Can I seed my lawn and still get the pre-emergent?

A. No. A pre-emergent will stop grass seeds from growing as well. If you want to reseed your lawn, you should wait at least 4 to 6 weeks after a pre-emergent has been applied. Our lawn programs consist of two pre-emergents (April and May) to get the best control. However, if you still want to reseed your lawn, please notify our office so we can still fertilize your lawn and not hurt your seed.


13. Can I fertilize new sod?

A. Yes, we highly recommend you fertilize your new sod 30 days after it has been put down. You should continue on a full program for the season. The new sod will need the nutrients to get established.

14. Why was your technician only here for a short time?

A. It only takes one minute per 1,000 sq. ft. to treat your lawn with our equipment. All of our equipment is properly calibrated every day for the product it is using. We have the ability to fertilize and use weed control at the same time.

15. Why do I have moles in my lawn if I had a grub control treatment?

A. Grub control does not promise you will not have a mole problem. We can guarantee you will not have grubs, but we cannot guarantee you will not have moles, as their primary food source is earthworms. We’ve found the best control for moles are traps or an exterminator.

16. Can I let my pet out after the lawn treatment?

A. We recommend waiting one hour after the treatment has dried. The time of the application will be written on your invoice. You may let your pet out to use the bathroom, however we recommend to water your lawn and let it dry if you want to leave your pet out for the day.

17. What if my pet eats the grass after an application?

A. It is unlikely that your pet would be poisoned by the products we use. For example, your pet would need to consume 365 sq. ft. of freshly treated grass for every pound your pet weighs to be at risk.

18. Can my children play on the lawn after a treatment?

A. You may walk on the lawn one hour after the treatment is dried with shoes. The time of the application will be written on your invoice. As a precautionary warning, we suggest children stay off the lawn until it has been watered, or it rains.

19. What if it rains after my lawn treatment, tree treatment or foundation spray?

A. The rain is good for fertilizer, pre-emergent and insect control. However, the weed control, tree spray or foundation spray will need about an hour to dry. We also use a sticker in our product to adhere to the foliage or foundation of your home for best control. Keep in mind our service calls are always free.

20. Don’t all companies use the same products?

A. No, there are many choices to choose from. Most of the time price will determine the results. No one can use the best products at the lowest price. Also, compare what other companies are using. For example, our lawn care program consists of two pre-emergents, two blanket weed controls, a long lasting grub control and slow release poly coated 40% - 50% XCU fertilizer (not just urea). Our tree care program uses different products on different plants. We do not use one generic product on everything.

21. Why don’t I see more fertilizer on my lawn like when I do it?

A. Our products are made for professional use and do not contain fillers. Because of the concentration it takes less material to treat your lawn. All our equipment is calibrated daily to ensure proper distribution of our products on your lawn.